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 Ithaka - Market in Cusco Never lose sight of your aim but enjoy the journey till you get there.

What would life be if it weren't spiced up with challenges from time to time? The little (or, admittedly, sometimes rather big) challenges we meet every day keep us alive and active. Little by little, they help us advance to meet our goal: reaching the shores of our beloved Ithaka. Our personal Odyssey may keep us away from our destination for years, maybe decades: do not falter! The longer the journey, the wiser we'll get during the adventure and the more there'll be to tell once we arrive. Don't forget that each of those challenges is part and parcel of your precious life, so savour every moment. Let each experience sink in and learn from each of them. If you keep your eyes and your heart open to the changes that lie ahead in your journey, you'll soon discover that even the most unexpected experience can enrich your soul. There is nothing you cannot learn from if you keep the right attitude. There is nothing that can keep you astray from your goal if you keep in mind while using every step of the way to learn from it.

Since I first read it in my adolescence, Ithaka, by Constantine P. Cavafy's, has been a favourite of mine. I always have a copy nearby to remind me that with the appropriate mindset, there will be no Laistrygonians nor Cyclops who can spoil my journey. Not even angry Poseidon himself can do anything if we keep our spirit strong.

Illustrated with some of the pictures I've taken in my life-long journey over the years, I invite you to read the poem once more so you always remember what Ithaka means...

Do not wait to start living till you reach Ithaka and enjoy the journey!!




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