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The Cunning Celts        On May 1st, 1707, the Union Act was signed. Long before that, ice-age hunters, megalithic constructions and mythic figures shaped the heart of the land.

A long time has passed since the earliest humans settled on the island during the Ice Age. After them many nations have visited the island leaving their imprint on the character and customs of its people. Battles, wars and search for the perfect wife changed the course of history on several occasions. Moreover, centuries of conquests and revolts have seen the stamina of great women fighting for their land and their freedom. Boudicca, Queen Maud, Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I and Queen Anne, to mention just a few have all been important in the development of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

The following timeline is concerned with how the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland came to being. Thus, it stops on 1st January 1800, with the enforcement of the Act of Union. The events that followed belong to a different chapter...

Since we are talking about monarchy, you may be interested in reading Where (London April 15). It feautres Kristin Scott Thomas talking about her role as The Queen in a thought-provoking play on Apollo theatre this month 

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