cinco de mayo Symbaloo       All you need to know to celebrate it!!
The Cunning Celts        On May 1st, 1707, the Union Act was signed. Long before that, ice-age hunters, megalithic constructions and mythic figures shaped the heart of the land.
 Dolorosa       Calahorra's Holy Week has been declared of National Touristic Interest.
Easter Bunny Easter Sunday... The chocolate Bunny is coming!
Xmas Kids Triv What happened in Bethlehem two millenia ago?
  There are days when one word is just enough...
Thanksgiving webmix

History, videos for kids, activities, recipes... Everything you need ot know about Thanksgiving.

Halloween    Need some ideas for this Halloween?

Samhain       Lemuria, Samhain, All Saints Day, All Hallows Day, All Hallows Evening... They are all names related to Halloween. So, how are they related? And how did Halloween become the festival that we know today?
Guy Fawkes' Mask Who was Guy Fawkes? And why do some people in Britain wear this mask on 5th of November?  This triv will sure help you  "Remember, remember, the 5th of November!"
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