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  November 9th, 1989 was a day soon filled with hope and marking a new beginning.

It was Thursday. We had just finished having dinner and we went to watch TV. I was going on an excursion with the school the following day so, originally, I was not allowed to stay up after dinner on school days. But the news were on: the Berlin wall was open! Little by little, the cameras showed how more and more people were occupying the streets. I was not fully aware of it all but I distintly remember my mum telling me: "Remember this day because this is history and one day you'll tell your own children you saw on tv the very moment it was announced that the Berlin Wall was over." The following day the school excursion took us visit the premises of a newspaper. It was a marvellous coincidence, being able to see the hussle and bussle of the journalists writing about such a historic momemtum and printing images with the happy faces of Berliners able to cross the wall after 28 years! Even though I was miles away from Berlin and hadn't yet study much about the Wall or World War II, I shared the excitement shown by the adults and I felt the significance of the events.

Now, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of its fall, I have prepared the following Educanon (parts one and two) using a video that explains many of the events surrouding the Berlin wall. November 9th, 1989 is a date in history we should not forget nor the events that led to it.


And here comes part two:

You can watch the whole documentary here.

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