Relative clauses thumbnail Einstein devoted a great part of his life to explain the theory of relativity ...
plural 2

Brothers and brethen; penny, pence and pennies;

one deer, two deer... oh dear!!

 Keep calm and learn your irregular verbs

Though some may think there's neither reason nor rhyme in irregular English verbs, the truth is quite the opposite.

Keep calm and learn your irregular verbs

The irregular verbs are always one of the trickiest aspects of the language that elementary learners of English have to face.


Verb -ing vs infinitive I remember remembering to remember I had to do it, but then I forgot...


Cakes, dreams and roses but houses and elves!!

The passive It's all about the focus!!

Verbs 3 (Possibility, Probability, Logical Assumptions) It can't be!!! And yet it may be possible... But it's not logical!!!

Modal Verbs 2 (Ability, Permission, Request)

 Mind your P's and Q's... will you? Sure you can do it!


Modal verbs: Obligation, Duty, Prohibition, Necessity One of the most common tips given about the use of "Have to" and "Must" are:

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