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 A perfect gift       A perfect gift...

A friend of mine knows of my long-life passion for Pride and Prejudice and all of Jane Austen's works. I guess one of the reasons she knows that is because on the 200th anniversary of the book I set it as a reading assignment in one of my classes... The thing is that when my daughter was born, she presented me with a fantastic book I now enjoy with my little one. The theatrical set that accompanies the book is the perfect platform to talk my daughter about the witticism as well as the stubbornness of Lizzy Bennett, while we explore the rest of the characters (and topics) in the book.

Pride and Prejudice Playset

The cardboard pieces engage the child and improve her fine motor skills thanks to the punch out cards. You'll have a fun afternoon seeing your daughter punching the pieces out of the cardboard and, later, you'll enjoy her face of surprise as she manages to unite the pieces that create each of the figures.

Pride and Prejudice Punch-out cards

As she plays with the set inventing her own dialogues, her imagination develops and her love for storytelling and reading develops.

Pride and Prejudice Characters

In short, a perfect gift for a Jane Austen fan.


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