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Rosie Revere Engineer       Don't forget all the great women who've made it possible!!


Since infancy, many women are discouraged from what still now, in the 21st century, are regarded as "manly" activities. It is not ladylike to become an engineer and computering seems to be a "world of men". I do not believe in such gender stereotypes which, I thought, had long been overcome in Western societies.(Unfortunately, that's not completely true...)

I don't want my daughter to live in a world where she has to follow an expected route, trying to become what others expect of her. I want her to dream and to pursue her dreams no matter what, be them STEM-based or Humanities-based (read more). That's why, ever since I came across it, I've loved "Rosie Revere Engineer" by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts. 

I frequently read it to my daughter who loves the story as well as the pictures. The power of reading aloud should never be forgotten: it offers a perfect bonding opportunity while modelling a behaviour that will lead them to discover new possibilities, pursue their dreams and improve their own future. Not only does the story encourage our daughters to dream, create and invent, but it also reminds them that trial and error are both part of the process. Perseverance, believing in oneself and the right mind-set are the real keys to achieve your dreams.

Rosie 4

 Rosie receives the visit of her aunt, who reminds her about all the great women and the many discoveries and achievements they have made throughout history. The book portrays an excellent role model for out little ones. Don't miss it!! (Read more about women inventors).

Rosie 2

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