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Keep calm and learn your irregular verbs

The irregular verbs are always one of the trickiest aspects of the language that elementary learners of English have to face.

 Home-made pizza     Ok... But only if it's homemade!
Just think!! Think left, right, low or high... Just think and encourage your students to use their thinking caps too!!


The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter      Have you read the Tale of Peter Rabbit?

 If you have, this is the perfect moment to learn more about his creator.

And if you haven't... well, here's your chance to learn a little bit about it.

Have you ever felt head over heels about something?


Verb -ing vs infinitive I remember remembering to remember I had to do it, but then I forgot...


 Hermione, Harry and Ron      

Test your listening skill with an interview to Harry, Hermione and Ron about their experience while filming The Goblet of Fire.

Tackk       Find partners and ask for feedback in an easy and attractive way!
cinco de mayo Symbaloo       All you need to know to celebrate it!!
Crocheting a heart        Just follow this tutorial and in a few minutes you'll be able to crochet a wonderful red heart.
Easter Bunny Easter Sunday... The chocolate Bunny is coming!
Thumbnail Sometimes keeping your browser updated with all the necessary plug-ins seems like an  impossible task. To make matters worse, you sometimes update it and, as a result, you're no longer able to watch certain videos  you had no problem with before...
@MsEOITeacher wishes you a happy 2015!! Happy New Year!!!!
Stand out Are you one in a million?
Edmodo tutorial Clear and easy step by step to help you join the Edmodo Education Community
The passive It's all about the focus!!
Have you ever phoned for help only to realise the answer lay at your fingertips?
Speaking tips 3 Sit down and grab your chair, 'cos you'll never guess what I have to tell you today...
Video-Wall       A Digital Artifact involving the four skills to help students learning by doing.
 Dolorosa       Calahorra's Holy Week has been declared of National Touristic Interest.
Scavenger hunt       Can you find all 20?
Vowels (part 1) There is no obstruction to the escape of air through the mouth when a vowel sound is produced... the difficulty comes when that sound has to be spelt...
Proposal plan      

Do you want to write effective and successful proposals so your suggestions are taken into account? 

Have a look at the following pointers!!

Pure as Snow Have you ever behaved like a turkey voting for an early Christmas?
Supermarket secrets thumbnail Every time we go to the supermarket we find a new product on display claiming to be more efficient than its predecessor, healthier and, more often than not, more expensive.
Guy Fawkes' Mask Who was Guy Fawkes? And why do some people in Britain wear this mask on 5th of November?  This triv will sure help you  "Remember, remember, the 5th of November!"
HeForShe A few days ago I came across Emma Watson's discourse in favour of the #HeForShe campaign and it made me think about gender inequality and how, despite the great advances, many things remain the same.
 A perfect gift       A perfect gift...


pdf Or, as Bilbo Baggins would say, "there and back"
Cardoon dish       Not many people identify this name with an edible plant but, in fact, it is a delicious treat for your palate as well as a great source of magnesium and potassium. 
Voiced and voiceless sounds Voiced or voiceless? Not only can you listen to the difference, but you can also feel it!!


Modal verbs: Obligation, Duty, Prohibition, Necessity One of the most common tips given about the use of "Have to" and "Must" are:

It's Hollywood!!!     Razzies and Oscars:
Hollywood's rollercoaster!!
Modal Verbs 2 (Ability, Permission, Request)

 Mind your P's and Q's... will you? Sure you can do it!

Speaking tips 2 You made a very interesting point. Yet, I'm afraid I have to differ...
Over the counter What do you think about getting medicines over the counter?
Study Stack

Do you need some help to review the vocabulary you have to learn? Do you like studying with cards?

Make the impossible possible: you just have to believe it!!
Nelson Mandela

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Jane Austen (Locket) 200 years of devoted readers prove she was indeed a remarkable writer.
Mindful happy moments How many times have you heard that happiness depends on you? Well, it's true!
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