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I believe in the Three Magi. I always have and, as an adult, I still do. 

The Three Wise Men Infographic (Thumbnail)

No offence to “their competitor”, who seems to be so fashionable nowadays, but the Three Magi have always been the ones bringing me presents: they have always been very good to me and I am not going to abandon them now in favour of some other magical creature just because he has chosen to give his presents a few days earlier, at the beginning of the Christmas holidays…

Don’t misunderstand me; I also respect Saint Nicolas or Father Christmas or Chris Cringle, no matter which name you prefer to call him by. I have always thought that the more traditions you are familiar with, the “richer” you are. And it always feels good to open a present on Christmas Day –though I confess that, in my house, it has always been Baby Jesus who has made it appear next to our Nativity scene at the stroke of midnight. But Saint Nick being now part and parcel of our Christmas, does not mean we have to abandon our traditions of yore in favour or new ones. If that were the case, not only would we become poorer as a result of it, but we may be at risk of turning into a directionless weathervane, constantly spinning and unable to find our own way. To my mind, a new tradition has the power to enrich you, make you well-learned and more tolerant but only as long as you don’t systematically part away with your old ones.  Mind you, the key word here is “systematically”, because life is change and to keep up with it we have to know when the time has come for us to move along…

Anyway, as I was saying, I still believe in the Three Wise Men. On the Eve of January 6th, as tradition requires, I polish my shoes and I put them underneath the Christmas tree. Then I go to bed, filled with joy and expectation, wondering what their majesties the Three Kings will leave for me during the night. And when the morning comes, my heart pounding with pent-up excitement, I still wake up like a little girl and dash to the Christmas tree. So far, they’ve never let me down and there’s always been some magical present for me. January 6th is an extraordinary day filled with magic no matter what may have been going on the days, weeks or months before, nor what may happen during the rest of the year. Once a year, the Three Magi visit my house and allow my family and me to dream and believe in the power of magic: a power that allows us to appreciate all around us – little gestures, words – and to know that little as they may seem, they are actually very BIG.

The Three Magi still teach us, and our children, a valuable lesson: they remind us we have to wait for good things to happen. Considering the society we live in and how we expect everything to come to us with the click of a mouse, I think it’s very important that our children learn about the virtue of being patient. What is more, given the consumerism around us, constantly encouraging us to accumulate more and more things –mostly useless-, receiving the visit of the Three Kings on the very last day of the holidays also teaches our children that it is not the new presents and material things that bring happiness to the holidays. During the 12 days of Christmas they realise they can have fun no matter what this year’s presents are and, besides, they also have last year’s fabulous presents to keep playing with.

Well, if you have read all this and you have liked it, more will be coming… Today, as a present from the Three Wise Men this has been my first post in this website, where I hope to gather all sort of jumbled things relating to most of my passions in life: family, photography, travelling, health and education. Keep tuned!!

The Three Wise Men Infographic

Infographic about the Three Wise Men (Small, Medium, Large and Original sizes)

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