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 Life is not linear       Don't forget what you are capable of and nurture your children/students so they can explore their potential!! 
Vargas Llosa on Bilingualism       The First International Spanish Forum in Madrid has given me the chance to talk about bilingualism with the Nobel Prize in Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa.

 Dictionaries        An online selection of the most useful online English dictionaries
Thumbnail  The "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" and Bloom's Taxonomy are just a couple of methodological guidelines that can help a teacher plan, design, implement, review and improve the learning-teaching process. Bruner, Vygotsky, Dewey and Krashen can all give you some methodological tips...
Around the world DVD        Children love discovering new things and  they can have great fun learning about geography and different cultures as they do so.
Things change, even at Downton Abbey        Even Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, agrees with Heraclitus: everything flows and nothing abides.
Fill your life with music and increase your brain power!! @MsEOITeacher   ... And increase your brain power!!
You're quoting Shakespeare       Have a look at the infographic with "all" the quotes... 
PBL - Humanities lie at the base of STEM   It was Albert Einstein who said "Remember your humanity and forget the rest".
 Ithaka - Market in Cusco Never lose sight of your aim but enjoy the journey till you get there.


Xmas Christmas is coming... Get your tinsel ready for Yuletide!
Speaking in a flipped classroom    Want to engage and motivate your students so they get real speaking practice? Flipping your classroom using the PBL methodology can be the key you are looking for.
One of the aims of the Common European Framework of Reference is to provide guidelines  so that both learners and teachers know what knowledge and skills should be expected in each level of the language so speakers can act effectively.
The healthiest snack (thumbnail)

Treat your children to a piece of great reading every day!

It's the healthiest snack you can give them!

CEFR levels small        Summary of the descriptors and "can-do" lists.  

If we want to tell our daughters tales to empower them, "we must discover, understand, accept, respect, and love who we are."

The Three Wise Men Ring Cake        The Three Wise Men Day is one of the most magical and special days in the year. As such, it deserves its own wonderful and tasty dessert. Here you have the recipe in a few easy steps.

I believe in the Three Magi. I always have and, as an adult, I still do. 

The Three Wise Men Infographic (Thumbnail)

Play Time        Play has an evolutionary nature: it helps develop skills crucial to our survival.


Bilingual Storytelling

Fairy tales are somehow related to the blessed world of innocence and childhood and, most importantly, they can be great allies to bilingual families.


Relative clauses thumbnail Einstein devoted a great part of his life to explain the theory of relativity ...
Ada Lovelace        Women who changed the world with their inventions and discoveries.
Online learning      Don't forget there's a person behind each computer screen.
The bilingual Journey A "power pack" to help you being constant and stick to your purpose without losing heart.
Narrative Tenses A good storyteller knows all about the anchor.  Are you one of them?
Presentation Tips thumbnail Tips to make your presentations effective and memorable
Proposals        Useful language and tips that will help you write effective and successful proposals.

Cakes, dreams and roses but houses and elves!!

Padlet Padlet: A great tool to promote collaborative writing. Learn how!
Advent Calendar thumbnail As soon as December starts, it's time to look for garlands and all sort of decorations  so the house starts looking like Christmas.
  November 9th, 1989 was a day soon filled with hope and marking a new beginning.
Rosie Revere Engineer       Don't forget all the great women who've made it possible!!
Potato Painting with Peppa Pig      A clever idea to have some fun while painting!

Is the heart nothing more than a blood pump or does it shape who we are?

The Cunning Celts        On May 1st, 1707, the Union Act was signed. Long before that, ice-age hunters, megalithic constructions and mythic figures shaped the heart of the land.


makedo What you do, makes a difference...


in someone's shoes Have you ever put yourself in somebody else's shoes?

10 Health tips (thumbnail) Happiness and health are intimately related: the healthier we are, the more our chances of happiness.

Linking words       A handy reference list to help you improve the cohesion and coherence of your texts.
plural 2

Brothers and brethen; penny, pence and pennies;

one deer, two deer... oh dear!!

 Keep calm and learn your irregular verbs

Though some may think there's neither reason nor rhyme in irregular English verbs, the truth is quite the opposite.

runsinthefamily It runs in the family! Besides, I'm a chip off the old block!
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