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PBL - Humanities lie at the base of STEM   It was Albert Einstein who said "Remember your humanity and forget the rest".


Ghandi also said that "the greatness of humanity is not being human, but being humane" . All the great minds coincide in how important it is for us to behave in a "humane" way and yet, as society progresses, the school curriculum is stripped of more and more subjects dealing with humanities. Nowadays, to be "in" you have to wholeheartedly support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math): they seem to be the four pillars capable of solving all the problems our society is facing. I have no doubt about their importance in helping us, our children and our students to learn about the world and to live in it. However, we cannot forget our human side and turn a blind eye on who we are and how we got here (or else we risk repeating all the mistakes without having learnt anything from them and, what is worse, forgetting ourselves in the process).

PBL (Project Based Learning) can open a door so that, as teachers, we can reintroduce the "Humane" aspect of Humanities in the curriculum. The more interdisciplinar a project, the more chances of it being significant for our students and the more opportunities it will offer them to grow and develop. PBL holds the key to bring out the human aspect of STEM: we shouldn't forget humanities lie at the base of STEM.

PBL - Humanities lie at the base of STEM

We shouldn't lose sight of what the real purpose of education is:

purpose of education

Let's not forget the human in HUMANity either and let's include both STEM and Humanities subjects in our school projects:


I encourage you to read this fantastic article about humanities and science at

The more points of view in the project, the more enlightening it will be for our students and the more related to real life in the world.

PBL: Humanities lie at the base of STEM


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