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Advent Calendar thumbnail As soon as December starts, it's time to look for garlands and all sort of decorations  so the house starts looking like Christmas.

Early in December, Spain celebrates the Constitution Day (December 6th) and the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin (December 8th). Most years these celebrations are accompanied by a few days of holiday, which is probably why those days, particularly December 8th, are chosen to decorate the house for Christmas. However, even if the Christmas tree and the Nativity Scene can wait for that day, the Advent Calendar has to be brought out on display on the very first day of December. I love filling its pockets with quotes, poems and,most of all, with little clues leading to the little daily present... It's a little scavenger hunt that makes the calendar all the more interesting. Throughout the years we have had several of them, but my favourite one is the one illustrating a chimney seen in the image below.

Advent calendar

This calendar is particularly dear to me because it was the first one of the kind I sew and also because I finished it two days before the birth of my wonderful dear daughter. Moreover, as far as technique is concerned, I'm quite proud of myself because the invisible stitches are really invisible!!

That same month I also finished this hand-sawn Nativity scene, which is a favourite of my daughter's: she loves moving the figures around and playing with them.

Nativity Scene

The Christmas table mats are also brought out around these days so home starts feeling like Christmas. It is true the real Christmas have nothing to do with decorations, but they sure help build up the atmosphere!

Table mat

Christmas table mat 1

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