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Potato Painting with Peppa Pig      A clever idea to have some fun while painting!

 When I was pregnant with my daughter, a friend told me: "Get ready for lots of Peppa Pig time!" At the time, I didn't pay much attention to that. But now a few years have passed, and I remember those wise words: my daughter adores Peppa Pig! (And, yeah, you got me... I do too!!)

The other day we were watching the episode when Daddy Pig tells his little ones about the fun he had when he was young artist. First he had captured their attention by asking for a potato, cutting it in half and painting a flower on a piece of paper. I thought I could do the same, so... this morning, I decided to take the episode as an example and after breakfast I set the kitchen ready for some finger-painting.

Finger painting

 Then I told my daughter that today we were going to paint with potatoes, like Peppa Pig!! She was really excited with the idea and she started doing some flowers like Daddy Pig. If you are skilled at carving, you can make fun shapes with the potatoes to create different stamping patterns.

Potato Painting

As usually happens when finger painting bottles are around, at the end we both ended with our fingers covered in paint. But, as always, it was worth it! It can be such fun!!

After finishing the activity, the mood was just the right one to spend some time together leafing through Rosie Dickins's The Children's Book of Art published by Usborne.

Children's book of art

She has particularly liked the page about Impressionism and Monet.


It seems that, after all, Peppa Pig can be a great ally to introduce a great variety of topics and have a lot of fun time with the little ones!!

Potato Painting with Peppa Pig

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