Cities around the world (soft-book)       Soft-books should be among your baby's favourite toys as she starts to discover the world.
Crocheting a heart        Just follow this tutorial and in a few minutes you'll be able to crochet a wonderful red heart.
A gift full of heart        What present could be more endearing that one prepared with the helping hands of your toddler?  
You're quoting Shakespeare       Have a look at the infographic with "all" the quotes... 
Potato Painting with Peppa Pig      A clever idea to have some fun while painting!
Advent Calendar thumbnail As soon as December starts, it's time to look for garlands and all sort of decorations  so the house starts looking like Christmas.
The Caterpillar Blanket Thumbnail In the light of the moon, a very tiny caterpillar became, stich by stich, a multicoloured soft delight where children could play.
Camera sketch book    Nowadays, more than ever before, photography has become the sketch book and instrument of intuition and spontaneity that Henry Cartier-Bresson talked about in 1976. With tiny cameras attached to multiple mobile devices and with the growth and spread of social networks more than half the world has become a photographer-of-sorts.
Jane Austen (Locket) 200 years of devoted readers prove she was indeed a remarkable writer.
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